Why location intelligence is so critical for your organisation’s digital journey

This webinar was recorded and published by the AIIA



Webinar description: 

You have heard ‘location, location, location’ many times, especially within a nation obsessed with real estate. Location or ‘geospatial’ is the key to making one of the most important decisions in your life. Where are the closest schools for your children? coffee shops? beaches? How long will it take for you to get to work? What is the profile of the suburb?

Geospatial technology and data powers the answers to all these questions. Tools like Google Maps have made everyone more locationally intelligent - it makes you wonder why many organisations are yet to embrace geospatial technology to improve the way they deliver services.

In this webinar, Google and Liveli will take a deep dive into location intelligence and how Google uses Maps and Cloud technology through tools like BigQuery, to make it easier than ever to unlock the location-based data you have and reveal new insights about your organisation. It’s as simple as putting it on a map!

We will show you:

  1. What location intelligence is and why it’s a useful tool for your business
  2. How industries such as Government, Agriculture, Health, Transport and Logistics and Retail use the power of Google BigQuery to make decisions
  3. Real world examples of petabytes of data, processed on Google Cloud and providing insight on a map.



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Alvaro Navarro
Customer Engineer



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