Coping with delivery demand:

Efficiency and scalability in times of growth

About the webinar:

Delivery services in the food and retail sector are in high demand this year and businesses need to find ways to remain competitive. 

Organisations want to be able to forecast and plan for a change in demand and then scale accordingly to handle the ebbs and flows, without having to rely on third party delivery organisations. 

Liveli, in conjunction with Google and Dista will host the webinar 'Coping with delivery demand: Efficiency and scalability in times of growth'. The webinar will explore how organisations offering retail and food delivery can build custom or bespoke products on the familiar Google Maps with the field force management functionalities that the Dista platform offers.

In addition to this, the webinar will cover:

  • How to plan deliveries efficiently
  • How to combat traffic and other road disruptions
  • How to improve your analytics and reporting on delivery demands 


We are Google Cloud Premier Partners: 




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Ian McPherson
JAPAC Head of Industry Solutions


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CEO and Co-FounderDista_H_C
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e look forward to seeing you on the webinar!