Return to work safely amid social distancing measures

Organise, implement, and communicate a 'return to work' plan for your employees with MapsIndoors Lite

No one said it would be easy. You’re probably knee deep in strategic and tactical planning while at the same time keeping various government issued regulations in mind. This is where MapsIndoors Lite - Back to Business - can help ease the transition back to your work space.

With a focus on safety and transparency, MapsPeople are offering a platform that answers the needs of your most crucial assets – your employees.

Bringing your team back to the office with MapsIndoors Lite means you can:
  • Publish an overview of your facilities deemed safe for your employees
  • Provide employees with route guidance to avoid the heavily trafficked areas
  • Allow visualisation of areas with various regulations within your office
  • Show the team a full outline of your new office layout that adhere to social distancing measures

To learn more about MapsIndoors Lite, fill out the form to request a meeting with one of our Liveli team members.