Optimise your google maps platform code to align with your revenue model 

Due to the emergence of COVID-19, many businesses are looking for ways to optimise their Google Maps code so that they can save money at a time where the threat of financial burden is greater than before.

The rationalisation of the Google Maps Platform pricing model, which ensures that all businesses pay the same for the same service, means it is easier to match the cost and the benefit.

Because all API calls have a dollar value attached to them, it is important to understand what the typical user does on your website or app and work out which parts of Google Maps Platform are required, nice to haves or simply wasteful.

Our whitepaper 'Optimise your Google Maps Platform code to align with your revenue model' guides you through: 

  • Matching the cost model to your user journey to positively impact your bill
  • Examples of how different industries utilise Google Maps in their applications to predict, calculate and manage their monthly spend
  • How to achieve maximum efficiency with GMP